Monday, October 3, 2011

Get Exposure NOW only $25! NEW ultimate advertising campaign package
This is the NEW ultimate advertising campaign package!
You will get the most exposure with this deal!

I will SHOUT-OUT your advertising, website, Link or event to ALL my network sites.
Title (2-3 words)
Up to 3 pictures in jpg format
140 character ad
6 keywords
I will post on:
Social networking sites
Bookmark sites
Exposure to up to 75,000 people!!!
I can promote these types of online sites; face book groups & fn pages, eBay auctions & listings, eBay stores, ProStores, Esty, Bonzale Booths, your family friendly websites, charity events & sites, affiliate websites, BlueJay, Atomic Mall, Yardsellr and More!
NOW only $25! (pay to paypal

Advertising Opportunity EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE!

I will get your message to 75,000+ people!

Manually!!, no computer programs spamming people. Just me doing the hard work.

For less than .00002¢ each!

I have been social networking with people on the internet for over 12 years!

Let me SHOUT-OUT your advertising, website, Link or event and a one 12 word description to my network sites …. All together it is 12,000+ contacts!

All ads MUST be family friendly, and legal

Some of the sites your ad will appear on....

AOL lifestream
PLUS I will Post it to My BlogSpot! (unlimited VIEWS!!)

And If that is not enough exposure for you, I will include your auction or website Link on ALL my email Groups (over 480 groups) messages for 2 days! (over 62,000+ people subscribed - these are all family friendly advertising groups)

And the NUMBERS keep GROWING! Everyday I am working hard to expand my contact subscriber base, this is an accumulation of 12 years of hard work!

I typically start the advertising campaign within 24 hours of payment. (weekends can take a bit longer, so plan ahead) If you would like a specific day for me to begin, let me know & I will work with you on that.

You will get a confirmation with all the links of where your ad has been placed after the round of advertising.
All Links stay posted indefinately

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